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If YOU know the whereabouts of any of these WANTED beasts, please contact Beyond Bears immediately.
There is a handsome REWARD for information leading to the capture of these wily animals, who have managed to elude Teddy authorities.
Bartering (swapping or trading) is welcomed.  This includes any and all items currently offered by Beyond Bears, NOT just Teddy bears.
Price offered dependent upon condition of item.  Mint condition with all tags and labels in tact is preferred. However, all offers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Beyond Bears is happy to provide fellow Arctophiles with information on bears they are "hunting".  Please use the Contact page to make an inquiry.

Artist N/A Fine Toy Company Limited (South Korea, Distrib-utors in China) Jumbo Plush Polar Bear Costco Exclusive #341201 Life-size 56in Length = 4.67ft Length = 142cm Length Floppy shaggy plush polar bear with individual fingers and toes, large brown eyes with black pleather eye lids, nose, and claws, and usually positioned lying down. Sold at Costco Wholesale in the USA and UK (United Kingdom) Great Britain as a seasonal item. Christ-mas 2001
Barbara Wiltrout McCune Kaleb Designs (Yucaipa, CA) Muzzle Bear Wavy golden tan mohair. (Also came 2 other colors: off white or black.) Large 30in Height = 2.5ft Height = 76.2cm Height Black glass shoe button eyes, dark brown thread nose and claws, shaved mohair paw pads, swivel tilt neck mechanism, and a brown leather muzzle with harness. Sold at Bears 'N Wares (Cumber-land, PA), Dolls & Bears of Charlton Court (Long Beach, CA), and My Friends & Me (Leesburg, VA). Made in 1988
Judith Loeber (Judith S. Loeber or Judith Sarah Loeber) & James Loeber Loeber Cats Cat Doll. Undressed (Plain) or Dressed: Ballet Dancer, Bride, Puss N' Boots (Puss-in-Boots or Puss & Boots), Santa Claus, and Victorian Style Feline Types/Colors: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Calico (Orange, Black, & Brown), Champagne, Cream, Gray (Purple Grey), Himalayan, Lavender (Lavendar), Marmalade (Orange), Mauve, Off-White, Peach, Pink, Purple, Salmon, Siamese, Tabby, Tan, Tortoise Shell, Tuxedo (Black and White), and White Life-size Mongrels 21in Length & 14in Sitting = 1.75ft Length to 1.167ft Sitting = 53.34cm Length & 35.56cm Sitting Long 4 inch wavy Tibetan goat mohair hair, 5-Way Jointed, Hand Painted Molded Face with Realistic Taxidermy Glass Eyes, Matching Ultrasuede Trapuntoed Paw Pads, Curved Arms with Shaved Turned Down Hands, and Lengthy Tail Sold at Bear, Cat, Pet, and Craft Shows, Galleries and Shops throughout the US (concentrated in the NorthEast), including: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC Circa 1983 to Approximately 1995
Artist N/A Sigikid (H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH & Company KG, Germany) Ursa FAO Schwarz Exclusive Gigantic Life-size 72in Length = 6ft Length = 182.9cm Length Variegated brown with grey flecks plush hair, black glass eyes, black plush nose, and lying down on stomach with arms stretched out in front position. Sold at FAO Schwarz Corp-oration. ("Ursa" is the low-end version of the Sigikid "Ursula" bear sold at Ethan Allen Furniture Stores from 1994 to 1998.) Circa 1996 to 1999
Artist N/A Steiff (Margarete Steiff GmbH, Germany) Jungbär (Jungbar or Jungbaer or Bear Cub) EAN 0409/19 Life-size 74.8in Height = 6.23ft Height = 190cm Height Dark brown dralon plush, tan mohair airbrushed muzzle and hand pads, slanted eyes, black leather nose and flat foot pads (self-standing), and 4 extruding claws per paw. Retail Stores Unknown Pro-duced in 1972 for the USA only, then from 1973 to 1980 world-wide.
Artist N/A Steiff (Margarete Steiff GmbH, Germany) Studio Bär (Studio Bear or Zoo Bear) EAN 610387. (Larger version of EAN 500558, which is a mere 160cm.) Special Order Only. Humon-gous Life-size 118.1in Height = 9.843ft Height = 300cm Height Dark brown plush Grizzly bear with air brushed open mouth and hand pads, flat leather foot pads (self-standing), 5 extruding claws per paw, embroidered chest and ear label with Steiff button, and tail. Retail Stores Unknown Circa Un-known to Present
Any Artist Any Manu- facturer desirable. Faux (Fake) Plush Bear Skin Rugs. (Abso-lutely NO taxidermy parts, all man-made.) Any Edition Life-size 36in Length to 96in Length = 3ft Length to 8ft Length = 91.44cm Length to 243.8cm Length Interested in all colors and bear types: Black, Brown, Grizzly, Koala, Kodiak, Panda, Polar, etc. Should have open mouth with detailed tongue and teeth, extruding claws a plus. Retail Stores Unknown Any Time Frame
Artist N/A Chimaki Company Limited (Hand Made in Japan) Pillow, Brooch (Pin), Handbag (Hand Bag), Change Purse, Clutch Bag, Drawstring (Draw String) Bag, Clothing, or Shoes. Any Edition Size varies per item type, usually stan- dard. Interested in all color and material combin- ations: antique lace, vintage chrocheted trim, aged tapestry, crushed velvet, fabric roses (rosettes), beads, ribbon, & metallic thread. Boutiques in New York, Pennsyl- vania, Hong Kong, & Japan. 1990 To Present

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